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Silvia has paired together with Georgie to create Delilah, which is about the experience of pairing food with the corresponding wine. The secret of food and wine pairing is to create a combination that makes a taste more pleasurable than consuming either separately. 

Silvia loves wine – all wine; she explores methods to better understand how food affects wine and viceversa, and learning to create a perfect balance between the two. Georgie is not a chef, she’s a feeder. Together, they are excited to present Delilah, born from a shared passion for real values and simple pleasures. Above all, Delilah’s aim is to bring something authentic and tangible; this isn’t for Instagram, this is for YOU. Slow down. Savour the tastes and smells. Feast. Enjoy the convivial atmosphere of people brought together and the social, human side of eating and drinking.

Delilah is a chance to enjoy a food and wine pairing from two people who are proud to bring things back to basics, and whose aligned vision on sustainability, minimal intervention, seasonal and locally-grown produce forms is central to how they're doing it. 


Delilah endeavours to be an event accessible to as many people as possible. The aim does not centre on making a profit; it is to share knowledge and personal experience, and hopefully get you as excited about the food and wine as Silvia and Georgie are.